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City-Wide Events

Cancellation Policy

Reservations booked over a City-Wide event or guest is holding multiple reservations must be canceled 7 days prior to arrival.

Event Name Event Category Start Date End Date
2023 Courtney Kupets Invitational Citywide 03-Mar-2023 04-Mar-2023
St Patricks Day Holiday 17-Mar-2023 17-Mar-2023
2023 Cheer Derby Citywide 23-Mar-2023 26-Mar-2023
Publix Marathon Festival 01-Apr-2023 01-Apr-2023
Easter Holiday 09-Apr-2023 09-Apr-2023
ACCGA Citywide 25-Apr-2023 30-Apr-2023
Natl Ski Areas Assn 2023 Annual Meeting Citywide 04-May-2023 12-May-2023
Mothers Day Holiday 14-May-2023 14-May-2023
2023 Savannah United Spring Invitational Citywide 19-May-2023 21-May-2023
Specialty and Agro Chemicals America 2023 Citywide 16-Jun-2023 22-Jun-2023
GMA 2023 Annual Meeting Citywide 20-Jun-2023 29-Jun-2023
Independence Day Holiday 04-Jul-2023 04-Jul-2023
ASPB 2023 Annual Meeting Citywide 02-Aug-2023 11-Aug-2023
USTA ESTO Citywide 17-Aug-2023 23-Aug-2023
Interact USG 2023 Annual Summit Citywide 11-Sep-2023 14-Sep-2023
GA Beta Club Citywide 28-Nov-2023 30-Nov-2023
Christmas Break Holiday 24-Dec-2023 01-Jan-2024
Christmas Holiday 25-Dec-2023 25-Dec-2023
NYE Holiday 31-Dec-2023 31-Dec-2023